About Me

Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am an actor, storyteller and accent coach.
I’ve always loved bringing stories to life through the art of narration and performance. When I was a child, I would animate the soft toys we had lying around our bedroom, entertaining my younger brother with ongoing drama and improvised scenes with our cast of characters.

Fast forward to my mid twenties, a few years after graduating with a science degree from the University of Malta, I decided to move to London in 2008 to pursue theatre training. My bold (if not foolish!) complete career change was thankfully followed by some great roles in theatre in London, Oxford and Manchester, as well as a UK tour of a Bollywood reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline”.

A few years into working as an actor, I had a chance encounter with a fully fledged voice over artist, who’s “office” is his bedroom – he had purchased a £2.5k recording booth and installed it in his own room, and hasn’t looked back since. I was inspired to do the same – minus the recording booth(!) – but otherwise invest in an industry standard mic and recording software and set up my own profile online as a voice artist, somewhat reconnecting with my childhood years as a soft toy animator. 😉

Within less than a year of doing so, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the narrator of a nature documentary, produced by Blink Films UK, and broadcast in Canada and the US. I thus decided to slightly shift my focus to voice (as opposed to theatre) and got inspired to set up my own Patreon profile, to tell brand new stories from up and coming creative writers – in drama school they did say, if you can’t get work, create your own!

Where does the accent coaching come in? Of course I wasn’t one of the less-than-1% of actors that got a steady stream of paid work, and needed to tide myself over with other gainful occupation. I started out by teaching English as a second language (EFL teaching) and then in 2014 moved to accent reduction coaching. Still a relatively new concept, but rather than “niche”, I would consider it to be untapped territory. I help non-native speakers soften their accent in English, thereby boosting their awareness, confidence and overall potential when living and working in an English speaking environment. In my free time, I use my experience coaching students from all over the globe as material to script online ‘accent tutorials’, which I upload onto my YouTube channel.